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“I’ve known Ryan for quite some time, but I had no idea what it took for him to become the rockstar that he is. Whether you’re at the bottom or on your journey to the top, Ryan Blair’s been there and can show you the way.”


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Get Fully Personalized Training With World Class Support Each Week Directly From Ryan Blair
We're helping our members to Alter & Transform their lives with the AlterCall Methods™ we only share in our private mastermind group.

How are we different from other masterminds and coaching programs?

Our member's have been able to:
  • Eliminate fears, anxiety, and stress
  • Gain crystal-clear clarity and focus
  • Find purpose and answer their calling
  • ​Stop self-sabotage & procrastination
  • ​Break unhealthy addictions
  • ​Release past traumas for good
  • ​Mend & revive broken relationships
  • ​Create and exit 7, 8, and even 9-figure businesses
  • ​Become thriving leaders and influencers in their communities and on social media
  • ​All this and so much more...
Take your life back and transform it.
Unlike other groups or programs which only focus on surface level tactics or fly-by-night gimmicks that can change at the drop of a hat...we teach you time-tested principles that have been used by our members to build multi-million dollar companies, overcome traumas, beat addictions, rebuild their families, and so much more with less stress and overwhelm.

If you want to feel in control of your life again and unleash your full potential, this is it. I'll give you the mental tools and personal guidance you need to transform mentally, physically, emotionally, or even financially from someone who's done it.

Schedule your complimentary discovery call now and let's find out if and how we can help you overcome your biggest challenge. There's no obligation or commitment required to book a call to learn more about our mastermind and see if it's a good fit for you. We also won't hassle you or force any sleazy sales pitches on you either. It's just a friendly 1-on-1 call to see if and how we can help overcome something you feel is holding you back from achieving your biggest goals or desires. 

If it's not a good fit for you, we'll still part ways as friends. Sound fair?
Ryan Blair, AlterCall Co-Founder
"Do you want to know if the AlterCall program is for you? 

Schedule a call and we can chat to learn how AlterCall can help you improve your life and business!"
  • #1 New York Times Bestselling Author
  • Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year
  • Serial Entrepreneur, Over $1 Billion in Exits
  • ​Scaled Revenue from $300K to $635 Million
  • ​​Sold Previous Company for $792 Million

What Others Are Saying About Our Advocate Mastermind

Schedule your complimentary discovery call to see how we can help you alter and transform your life, career, or business with more clarity, focus, and purpose.
"I really appreciate it! I am doing my best! I am growing little by little and day. It was really great experience for me. A big thank you! And I am really grateful for that!"

"Thank you for inviting me to AlterCall.

I feel this is very beneficial to my life and helping a lot, I need a bit of a helping hand so this is great.

I have a very big testimony as well. I am now on a journey to wholeness and want to turn my life around like you have.

I pray this is the group that will help me achieve that.

I want to write a book too, learn property to leave a legacy for my kids and gain more healthy relationships and love around me."

Mary Emmanuelle
"AlterCall supported me from the beginning of COVID, Meditate EVERYDAY helps me to focus toward my mission in life. Is to Keep my business my little school Montessori open for the future generation. Meditate with love that keeps me going to do what I love the most, prepare a beautiful environment for the children to grow with awareness, joy.... and prepare strong children to face obstacles in life. Meditation realigns me to keep loving life and do the best I love to do. AlterCall came to my routine of life just on time for me to find strength, hope and a feeling of dignity."

Nathalie Gagnon
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